Our Family

Eowyn and I have a long history of tending plants and caring for the land. We have farmed in the California chaparral, Colorado’s high plateaus, and the oak savannas of Western Washington. In our approach, understanding, supporting and integrating into the native plant and animal community is as important as coaxing food from the land. We are all stewards of our place and part of its systems and cycles.

Community is key to life. We can not exist without neighbors, friends and strangers. Whether we are jointly owning sheep or tractors with our neighborhood or convincing the neighborhood children that it is ok to get muddy.

Eowyn brings formal training in ceramics and biology and deep respect for place and community. Sierra has a background in botany, horticulture and ecological restoration. Gwynnevere really likes the sweet sap that flows from the maple trees in the spring. Koan is very tired after playing all day with Maya.

Our Beliefs

We are part of nature. Our farm can look like this place and support the plants, animals and people that call it home.

If we want a future we must envision a better way of living and create it.

People need to be outside and touching the dirt.

Let’s build something together.

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