Sheep are an important addition to our multi-species pastures.  While cows require the highest quality forage and mostly eat grasses, sheep provide the follow-up weed control, on our farm eating lots of thistles and blackberry sprouts.  Judicious use of sheep keeps the cows from over-grazing the “good” stuff and leaving the less desirables to grow bigger and dominate.  Sheep in an intensive rotational grazing schedule increase pasture quality and minimize mechanical post-graze mowing.


Our community maintains a flock of Katahdin sheep. Lambs are either from this flock or purchased at weening from local dairies. No herbicides or chemical fertilizers are ever used on our land.  Lambs graze our pasture and supplemental grain is organic and used primarily as a means of enticing the flock from pasture to pasture.  Slaughter and butcher are performed by local, small businesses.  Please come visit the farm and see where your food comes from.

Customer Details

Lamb is sold “on the hoof” as whole animals. Harvest is in November. Price is $10.50/lb hanging weight which is between 30 and 50 lbs (about 50% of live weight). Very little weight is lost at the butcher unless deboned cuts are ordered, which can drop the weight received another 50%.  $200 Deposit is required at purchase.  You instruct and pay the butcher (~$1.50/lb, more for de-boned) so you get the size and type of cuts you want.

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