We have two flocks of egg-layers; our orchard chickens and our pasture chickens.  Our pasture chickens build our fields by eating weed seeds and fertilizing.  They also are our primary fly and parasite treatment for our cows and sheep, cleaning the pastures of larvae after the other animals have moved through. The orchard chickens eat fruit fall, apple worms and weed seed in the shade of our fruit trees.  When chickens eat a diverse diet of greens, bugs, fruit and grain their eggs are extremely rich and healthy.  Our eggs are a rainbow of browns and greens with marigold yolks that stand up in the pan.


We raise a diverse flock of breeds and hatch our own “barnyard” chickens when hens are broody.  Pasture chickens are always on grass while our orchard chickens have a house and yard and are regularly let into the orchard for grazing.  Supplemental feed is organic.

Customer Details

Egg availability is seasonal because chickens lay fewer eggs as the days get shorter.  Eggs are $7/dozen and customers are asked to commit to a weekly purchase of 6, 12, 18 or 24 eggs during the laying season (April-October).  Off-season eggs can be purchased as available. You can pick up your eggs at the farm which gives you a great opportunity to regularly check in on your hens and maybe pick some apples or raspberries while you are here.

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