Baby Birds in Summertime

Hello Friends,  Happy summertime. Our birds have been very productive and we have had several clutches of chicks, which are now growing up.  Are you interested in starting your own flock, or augmenting what you already have?  The young chickens we have available right now are about 2 months old, mostly black with red/brown accents. Continue reading “Baby Birds in Summertime”

July 2020 Farm Update: Summer Time and Ducks soon!

Hello Friends,   It is summer time although the weather has not quite turned.  We are into fruit harvests, garlic is coming out of the ground today, we are planting for the fall, and the animals are all growing well.    I wanted to let you know that we have ducks that will be readyContinue reading “July 2020 Farm Update: Summer Time and Ducks soon!”