Baby Birds in Summertime

Hello Friends,
  Happy summertime. Our birds have been very productive and we have had several clutches of chicks, which are now growing up.  Are you interested in starting your own flock, or augmenting what you already have?  The young chickens we have available right now are about 2 months old, mostly black with red/brown accents.  Mom is a prolific blue egg layer and dad is 3/4 Australorp and 1/4 Rhode Island.  It will be a dice roll to see what color eggs they lay, and they should be good layers. They have been raised by their mom “on the range” and are excellent foragers. They are $15 each, unsexed.  If you end up with more cockerels than you need you can bring them by this winter for a rooster processing party.  Rooster soup is pretty delicious. 
  I also have some young ducklings.  Mom is a Khaki Cambell and dad is a Rouen, which is a mallard crossed with a meat duck (Peking, I think).  So the ladies should be good egg layers and the boys should be good eating.  Those little guys are only about 2 weeks old right now. $20 unsexed. You could wait a few weeks and let them get bigger with Mom.  We had a gosling hatch the same day as the ducklings. I think we will hang onto her, the children have named her Brightbill.  I’m throwing a picture in here just because she is pretty hilarious.
Enjoy your camping season and let me know if you want any hatchery-free birds.  There is also some lamb availability for the winter/spring harvest – or take them live anytime.

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