Summer Solstice 2021

The hot weather is finally here, but that long wet spring let the grass keep growing. Pastures are high and the animals are happy. One cow left us this past weekend and another will go out to customers this fall. Two new steers will join the farm next month. Our lambs are getting big and will be ready in another three months or so. We have availability on both the beef and lamb right now. Our expanded pastured egg flock has hit its stride and is cranking out 50+ eggs a day while fertilizing the pasture and increases the stocking capacity for our cows and sheep. A new partnership with Hidden River Farms in Montesano has reduced the travel distance of our organic chicken feed to less than 50 miles from field to hen. We have planted a new row of silvopasture trees including apples, cherries, elderberry, huckleberry and dogwood. Our hugel mound dam and pond, which many of you helped us build, is still holding water at the end of June and is fully planted with hazelnuts, apples, raspberries and tons of thimbleberry. Geese and chickens are hatching clutches of babies and mama ewes are getting pregnant. It is the time of abundant light and life. Go outside and enjoy the wonders of the summer solstice.

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