July 2020 Farm Update: Summer Time and Ducks soon!

Hello Friends,

  It is summer time although the weather has not quite turned.  We are into fruit harvests, garlic is coming out of the ground today, we are planting for the fall, and the animals are all growing well. 

  I wanted to let you know that we have ducks that will be ready in about 1 month; they are out of the brooder and on pasture (and pond).  We still have a few lambs and turkeys available as well.  Beef is sold out until early 2021, but if you’d like a ¼ cow in the spring there are still three ¼’s not spoken for. 

The big surprise for us are the geese.  We love them.  They eat so much pasture and grow so fast it is incredible.  So far, they seem to be the poultry most adapted to our climate and landscape.  They love our little pocket pond we built last winter and they can get almost all of their nutrition from our weeds! They are about 1 month old now and are bigger than our laying hens. Goose meat is supposed to be red and rich like duck or beef.  We will be very interested to try it and share it with you.  Let us know if you’d like one of our inaugural geese.

 Also I promised a picture of the cows in the last email.  Here are two of our four guys.  There is also a nice picture of our pastured layers.  They are one day behind the cows in rotation and they are fantastic manure spreaders!  

  Sneak preview on eggs – Starting next spring we will finally have enough eggs to meet your demand.  We have 70 chicks arriving next week and I will be building a tractor-pulled mobile house this fall.  Hens will be pastured and fed organic grain and there will be a variety of breeds for the full rainbow of shell colors.  There is the option of raising the flock soy-free; it costs a bit more so I am gauging the interest.  $7/dozen org OR $8/dozen org & soy-free.  If you have a strong opinion, please share it and let us know if you want to get on the egg list for the spring.  

  Take care,

   Sierra and Eowyn

Ducks: $8/lb; no deposit but let us know

Turkeys: $11/lb; $50 deposit to hold

Geese: $11/lb; $50 deposit to hold

Beef: $5.50/lb; $200 per 1/4 to hold

Lamb: $10.50/lb; $200 to hold 

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